LG Sonic: a Eurostar

Eurostars granted

Nova Connect has succesfully applied for Eurostars funding for the consortium LG Sonic (NL), Control Data Systems (RO) and Sonic Norway (NO). The approved project is called LiceSonic; an environment friendly ultrasonic solution to control sea lice in open finfish production. The costs for the project is € 2,2 million over the course of 30 months. The total value of the granted Eurostars subsidy is € 1 million.

Yousef Yousef – CEO of LG Sonic on working with Nova Connect

“We as a company and as a consortium have enjoyed working with Nova Connect on the Eurostars proposal. Communicating and organising this grant proposal was done in an efficient and clear manner. Our consultant Lydia Gitsels was able to clarify the ins and outs of both the Eurostars and the national program and translated our project into a successful application. For the next project we will be happy to work with Nova Connect again and we can advise other entrepreneurs to do the same.”

Eurostars Grant Program

The Eurostars grant program focusses on European SME that work together on a highly innovative project with big market potentials. Specifically there is a focus on R&D intensive SME’s, meaning that at least 10% of the yearly turnover or 10% of the staff is working on innovation. Targeted projects are not limited to any field of expertise, as long as it has a civillian application and a solid businesscase.

The requirement is that at least two independent SME from two different EU or affiliated countries are cooperating in an R&D-project. It is allowed to have more partners in a project, but only the SME’s can be funded.

Though all the applications are reviewed and ranked in Brussels (on EU level), funding is provided through national governments. This means that the percentage of eligible costs that are subsidized differ between the countries.

How to become a Eurostar

In 2018 there are two deadlines before which you can apply for funding for you R&D-project together with another SME-partner. These are:

March 1st
September 13st

More info

Further information can be found on the Eurostars website.
For a strategic advice on applying for this grant, please contact us.


A new program is launched, called GlobalStars, that is aiming for SME collaboration outside of Europe. Projects with an Indian entity have to be submitted before October 1st, and projects with a Brazilian partner have to be submitted October 31st at the latest. Click on this link for more info.