Goal 2019: become a Eurostar!

Get your innovation funded with government grants up to € 1 mln.

As you’re reviewing your innovation plans for 2019, or maybe while you’re still drafting them, have a look at how your can get your ambitions funded through government grants. Innovative European small and medium enterprises (SME) are eligible for grants through several funding programs. One of which is Eurostars. The aim of this program is to reduce the time-to-market of innovative products. Therefore, Eurostars focusses on R&D-intensive SME’s that work together internationally on a new technology. Collaborations are also allowed with companies that are located outside of Europe, specifically in Canada, South-Africa, Turkey, Israel and South-Korea.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The project is executed by at least two independent SME’s from two different EU and affiliated counties. Partners have to be an R&D-intensive SME: at least 10% of the yearly turnover is invested in R&D-activities OR 10% of the employees are working on research and development.
  2. The partnership must be balanced, this means that no partner will be responsible for more than 75% of the project budget.
  3. The project is completed within 36 months. The innovation will be introduced to the market within 24 months after completion of the project.
  4. Innovation projects are market-oriented and have a civilian purpose.
  5. Large companies and research institutes are allowed to participate in the Eurostars projects, they are however not eligible for funding.


Eurostars has a decentralised funding procedure. This means that application are sent in and reviewed in Brussels. After approval, applicants send in their applications to their national government who will give funding according to their national criteria. Follow this link to see if and how your government funds Eurostars-projects.

In the Netherlands there is funding of € 500.000 per project for the Dutch partner(s). The funding consists of 35-45% of the total eligible project costs.


In 2019 there will be two calls. The first cut-off date is February 28th, the second will be in the fall of 2019.

Interested in applying?


We have been working on a variety of international projects that have been funded by the EU. For example, the project by our client LG Sonic called LiceSonic.

Are you curious about your funding opportunities? Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your plans.