European Grants

Government grants in the EU


The European Commission (EC) helps fund projects that contribute to the implementation of EU programmes and policies. Although 80% of EU funding is granted through national and
regional programmes, the EC itself also grants funding through calls for proposals and projects. These are projects related to innovation, nature, social environment and security. Through calls
for proposals, specific projects are funded. A project must thus be a good fit with a call, otherwise it won’t be funded. Exception to this rule are the SME-programmes that are open for all areas of
technology, and have a high risk – high gain profile.

Main areas for funding

  • Industrial leadership
    •  Information and Communication Technology
    • Nano Technologies
    • Advanced Materials
    • Biotechnology
    • Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
    • Space
  • Innovation in SME’s
    • Eurostars (no set topic)
    • SME-instrument (no set topic)
    • Fast track to Innovation (no set topic)
  • Societal challenges:
    • Life Science & Health
    • Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Bio Economy
    • Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy
    • Smart, Green and Integrated Transport
    • Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency
    • Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies
    • Secure and inclusive societies
  • Science with and for Society (academic research)

Type of projects

Grants are focussing on the development of technology in early stages. They are categorized based on Technology Readiness Levels (TRL’s). TRL’s 1-3 are mainly focussing on academic
research of new principles, formulating technological concepts and early experimental proofs of concepts. TRL’s 4-6 concern the developmental phase in which a concept is made into a prototype
that can be tested in a lab or controlled environment. In TRL’s 7-9 a working prototype is validated and demonstrated in an operational environment, after which a technology will be ready
to be brought to market.


The projects that directly funding by the EC usually subsidize 60-80% of the eligible costs up to € 15 million (depending on the exact call). The average duration of funded projects is two to five
years. For SME’s, the average funding scheme goes up to € 3 million, as the accepted projects are agile with a duration of two years maximum with one year time to market. Indirect funding, meaning EU money that is distributed through national governments, often fund 40-60% of the eligible costs up to € 5 million.


An overview of all your funding opportunities, combined with strategic funding advice.

Grant application

Co-creating the best proposals, timely application and securing funding.

Administrative support

Making sure that your funded project is documented according to the requirements.

Business plan

A solid description of your (next) business and markets.

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