Government Grants: an introduction

Sub·si·dy (plural: subsidies): financial support from a government.

Subsidy schemes

When talking about government grants, we’re talking about a wide and divers field of funding schemes, both fiscal, financial and in kind, that is being offered to different kind of entities. Subsidy is provided by muncipalities, provinces, regions, national governments and the European Committee. Nova Connects services mainly the for-profit Dutch and European SME’s.

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There are several forms of subsidies available for entrepreneurs:
  • Fiscal programs and tax reduction schemes
  • Subsidy in cash transfered directly to the entrepreneur
  • Programs that offer funding in kind through subsidized coaching and advice
  • Government provides a guarantee for a bank
  • Innovation loans and credits
Subsidy schemes have different ways of evaluating the application:
  • On a “first come, first serve” basis: the first complete application will get funding and so on.
  • A tender procedure in which application are ranked based on quality: the best application will be the first to receive funding and so on.
  • Application are ranked based on a draw. The first application picked will get funding first and so on.

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Main focus in subsidy programs

Our national and European government wants to stimulate our economy through activities that realize common ambitions. These are:

A green a circular economy
Technological innovation
International entrepreneurship
Inclusive society